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Join Award-winning songwriters Chrisie Santoni and Craig Smith in their groundbreaking, interactive Songwriting Workshop.  This is The Songwriting Project. 


The Songwriting Project uses the songwriting process to create dialogue around important topics.  During this 2-hour Workshop, participants will write and record an original song.  This groundbreaking method of outreach plays an important role in engaging students and the campus community in a meaningful and lasting way.  The songs that are written and recorded during this Workshop are a unique form of musical outreach. 


Topics may include:


•Diversity & Inclusion 

•Sexual Assault & Bystander Intervention Awareness

•Creative Team-Building

•Annual School-Wide Themes 


Every Songwriting Workshop is unique. It is our goal to help write an authentic song that reflects the thoughts, feelings, concerns and vision of your campus community. 


We will work with you and the participants to help maximize Creative and Learning Objectives for your Workshop.  We align our proven practices to address your needs in every step of the process and ensure that your desired outcomes stay at the forefront of every decision.

HBO Emmy Nominated Film

Featuring Our Song "Deluxe"

Music With A Message

Salisbury University

This Storm

The Billies - Chrisie Santoni & Craig Smith

The Songwriting Project Songs
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