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your voice

The Songwriting Project: Use Your Voice Songwriting Workshop uses the Songwriting Process to create dialogue around consent awareness, respecting boundaries, sexual assault awareness and bystander intervention awareness. Our groundbreaking method of outreach plays an important role in engaging students and the campus community in a meaningful and lasting way. The songs that are written and recorded during Use Your Voice are a unique form of musical outreach.


1. Create dialogue around Bystander Intervention Awareness


2. Create a musical outreach tool


3. Identify the reasons why individuals might be reluctant to intervene


4. Use the storyline of the song to address a range of effective intervention strategies 


5. Have the attendees' singing/speaking voices in the produced song


6. Create a song with the thoughts, ideas, feelings, concerns, images, realities, etc. of the attendees forming the lyrical content


7. Create a song that can be listened to and enjoyed by the widest and most diverse audience as possible


8. Create a song and video to be shared on/uploaded to school websites to promote Bystander Intervention Awareness on campus and beyond


1. Attendees will receive a fully-produced song.


2. Attendees will receive a fully-produced Micro-Documentary/music video short of the workshop.


"THANK YOU!  So great to hear the final product.  Students had such an amazing  time creating their songs and I’m so glad we were able to you guys on campus. We  miss you already.  I will bring you back as soon as I find another window."



— Laure Iley -Spear

Associate Director of Student Engagement

University of North Carolina School of the Arts

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