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Workshops that Engage, Inspire, Lead.

The Songwriting Project uses the songwriting process as a creative tool to open dialogue around important topics.  The songs that are written and recorded during our Songwriting Workshops become powerful outreach tools.

"Thank You!  This is wonderful!"
- Colleen Diveny
   Georgian Court University

"The work you all are doing sounds amazing.  I reviewed some of the song videos and they are very inspirational and songs with purpose."


 - Romona West, J.D. 

    Director of Diversity and Inclusion

    J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences

    University of Arkansas



"Awesome!!! Thank you for sending this.  It was a great pleasure to see the finished work.  Truly awesome!  Thank you for the wonderful work you do!"


- Dr. Bruce Busby 

   Dean of Humanities

   Illinois Central College


"This is AMAZING!!!  I absolutely love it!  Thank you so much for leading us through an awesome program!  I can’t wait to share this with the group."


- Jen Stanley, M.B.A, Ed.D.

   Title IX Coordinator / Associate Dean

   Roger Williams University

"This is fantastic, thanks so much!  I can't wait to share it with the students.  We had a great time working with you - thanks for coming, and I appreciate all your hard work.  Keep in touch!"


- Andrew Dickinson 

   Associate Professor of Music and Classical Guitar Instructor

   Cecil College
   Master of Music, Mannes College of Music
   Bachelor of Music, Peabody Conservatory of the Johns Hopkins University

"Thanks to you and Craig so very much for providing such a rich, educational, and collaborative experience for all of us today! I've heard so many positive comments this evening. I can't wait to hear the final song. Thank you for great work you're doing!"


- Adrienne F. Barkley Giffin

   Illinois Regional Coordinator

   Illinois Region | Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

   John A. Logan College


"Love how the songs turned out.  I appreciate the hard work!  I wish you and Craig the best and hope we meet again in the future.  It was awesome getting to know you both and I’m really glad the students enjoyed the workshops.  Hope you both keep up the great work!"


- Jake R. Burns

   Coordinator of Administrative Services

   Division of  Student Affairs
   Florida International Universit


"I  reviewed your webpage and Vimeo. I think it is awesome!"


- Ms. Shahidah Rahman, MPA
   Leadership and Event Coordinator
   Office of the Dean of Students
   Louisiana State University


"THANK YOU!  So great to hear the final product.  Students had such an amazing time creating their songs and I’m so glad we were able to get you guys on campus.  We miss you already.  I will bring you back as soon as I find another window."


- Lauren Iley-Spear

   Associate Director of Student Engagement

   Division of Student Affairs

   University of North Carolina School of the Arts



"I just wanted to thank you again for your work with our students.  I know they got so much out of it and this product will have an immediate and profound impact on our community."


- Loren Linscott

   Director, Office for Violence Prevention & Victim Assistance

   Rutgers University



"Thank you so much!  It sounds awesome!!"


- Jessica Hedges

   Keuka College Occupational Therapy '20

   New Student Mentor

   Student Activities Office Worker

   Campus Activities Board - Senate Rep. 

   Adventure Club - Treasurer 



"I love it!"

- Frank Sinigaglia

   Interim Assistant Dean for Student Engagement

   SUNY Sullivan



"Thank you!  We loved sharing the day with you.  I love the songs!  Great job!!!" 


- Martha J. Asselin, Ph.D.

    Vice President

    SUNY Schenectady County Community College


"This is awesome, thanks for coming and working with the students.  I  look forward to sharing this with them."


 - Stephanie R. Fiely

    Director of Student Activities

    University of Pittsburgh Titusville

"This turned out great!"

 - Sheila Elaine Confer

    Academic Village Coordinator; Instructor, Theatre Arts

    University of Pittsburgh Greensburg


"You guys are amazing!  I have no idea how you make this magic work but you just do!

 Thank you for making dreams come true and giving us an amazing product to share with the students and the College. YOU ROCK!"

- Anya L. Patterson, MA

   Student Life Coordinator 

   College of Southern Maryland


"Thanks!!  A really impressive job of arranging this song.  We already miss you and want you back." 


 - Jim Kelly

    Assistant Professor of History

    Cultural Activities Committee Chairman

    Northeast State Technical Community College

"The music is awesome!!!!  We are now in the planning for the release party.  Thanks so much!"


 - Lorraine A. Justice, MS

    Student Support Services Administrative Officer

    Rappahannock Community College

"That is awesome!!  Thank you so much for your time and efforts."


 - Jennie Huling

    The Sage Colleges - Sage Graduate School

    Mental Health Specialist, NYS Office of Mental Health

"This is awesome!  Thank you so much."


  - Jessi Nocella

     Assistant Director of Counseling Services

     York College of PA

"Amazing - thank you so much for making this happen!" 


  - Erica L. Schwartz

     Coordinator of Campus Involvement

     Rutgers University- Camden

"Omg! So cool!"


- Kurt Doan, MA

   Director for Student Activities

   Harford Community College




"Wow this is great !  Thank you so very much for leading us to this wonderful place!"


- Marcellus C. Taylor, M.Ed.

   Assistant Director of Student Activities & Fraternity/Sorority Life 
   Office of Campus Life & Intercultural Affairs
   Penn State Harrisburg 

"I love it!!!!!  Thank you again for coming to RSC."

- Diane Angrisano

   Director of Student Activities

   Office of Student Life

   Russell Sage College

"Thank you!  This is wonderful!"

 - Colleen Diveny, MSW, LSW

    Student Development Case Manager 

    Georgian Court University

"​Thank you so much for coming to Salisbury University to facilitate the workshop and perform at the INKED event!  Students really enjoyed participating in the workshop and the song turned out great!​  It was a pleasure meeting you both and thank you again for the amazing work you do!"

 - Anisa Diab, NCC, LGPC

   Coordinator, STAND4YOU

   Counseling Center

   Salisbury University

"​I love it!  Thanks so much Chrisie!  We are deciding how to “launch” the song here so that people can hear it. The students love it!"

 - Kimberly Martin, M.S.W., LCSW

    Outreach Coordinator

    Counseling Center

    University of Miami

"Marvelous!  You and Craig are the best!  The song is wonderful!"

 - Nancy Brady

    Coordinator of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management

    Florida Atlantic University - Davie Campus

"Thank you.  It sounds wonderful!  The song was a big hit among students and staff.  Craig and you are truly amazing at what you do."

 - Katherine Jones, Ed.D.

    Director of Student Activities

    Wor-Wic Community College

"Our VP really loved the song and wanted to have it on her website as a way to encourage Bystander Intervention.  I just wanted to check and make sure you were alright with us having a link to this on our Title IX website?"

 - Gregory Connell

    Assistant Director of Residence Life

    Florida Institute of Technology

"Thank you!!!!  You all were amazing!!!"

 - Adia D. Cuthbertson, M.S.Ed.

   Director of Student Activities

   North Carolina Wesleyan College




​"This is wonderful!  The kids are so excited and I am seeing the clips all over Facebook!​  Thanks for making such an impact here.  The buzz so far is that when you guys are back we will have even more kids in attendance.  Some are really sad that they missed out on the opportunity.​  Hope you both are staying warm, dry, and inspired!!  Big hugs from La Plata!!"


 - Anya L. Patterson

    Student Life Coordinator

    College of Southern Maryland 

"Chrisie and Craig do a great job of getting the audience involved.  The students got really into their original songs and had a lot of fun creating their own original song.  We did this event in combination with an open mic night and The Billies were very supportive and encouraging of our students.  One of the most admirable aspects of their performance was their willingness to perform any requests our audience had - even if they weren't entirely familiar with the song, we all sang it together and they picked it up with ease!  This was such an entertaining evening and a wonderful community-builder to kick off the semester!"

 - Ellen Wagner

    Residence Hall Director, Meletia Hall

    Notre Dame of Maryland University, MD



"Thank you again for coming.  I can speak for our students by saying that we enjoyed having you and had a good time.​  Chrisie and Craig were awesome!  They both definitely have a knack for connecting with college students and turning a spectacular performance into a learning opportunity for students.  Our students took advantage of every break, and after their performance, to talk with Chrisie and Craig.  We appreciate their kindness and excitement about their love of making music.  We can’t wait to have them back at SU!"

 - Benjamin Wilson

    Operations Manager

    Shenandoah University


"Chrisie and Craig were an absolute joy to have.  They are talented, friendly, fun, professional, and genuinely interested in our school.  We will definitely be bringing The Billies back to our campus, and you should too."

 - Alex Scloop

    Student Activies President

    Wells College, NY

"The Billies are a dynamic acoustic group that greatly entertained the crowd during our late night programming.  Their musical style is unique in that it offers an enjoyable environment with fantastic gentle and easy listening music.  I distinctly remember our student security officers coming up to Chrisie and Craig during tear down and expressing how much they enjoyed their performance.  Several musicians I have worked with during late night programming were not engaging or appreciative of their time at our institution, so I was amazed by the professionalism, genuine conversation, and friendliness that emerged the moment I met Chrisie and Craig.  I have forwarded my recommendation to bring them back to our institution and I enthusiastically recommend The Billies to other institutions as well.  You will not be disappointed!"

 - Billy Bernard,

    Graduate Assistant

    Kent State University

"AHHHHHH……THANK YOU so much, Billies!  The song turned out REALLY GREAT!  What a wonderful way to involve the audience and it gives us a great keepsake!  You two were great and I really enjoyed having you here.  Let me know what’s coming up for you two and when you are coming back to the area!  Thanks again for everything and the song turned out great!" 

 - Heidi Blasjo :0) 

    Director Of Student Activities 

    University Of Maine At Presque Isle

"The Billies performed at Muhlenberg College for the first weekend of our fall semester.  From an administrative point of view, Chrisie and Craig are super easy to work with.  They bring their own sound & adapt to any situation.  They also have a great rapport with the audience and drew a crowd of student musicians who performed with them and others who sang along to the songs.  We received some very positive feedback from the students who attended and will definitely bring The Billies back to campus soon." 

 - Bev MacEwan

    Director of Student Activities 

    Muhlenberg College

"We honestly did not know what to expect from the Billies because we had never seen them perform live.  However, we were definitely not disappointed.  Working with Chrisie was amazing and her personality showed the instant we met her.  The performance was great especially because the performance was a mix of original music and covers which works well with our crowd.  They are quite talented and we truly enjoyed their performance.  I would definitely recommend them to any schools out there that are looking for new talent for their campus."

 - Kimberly Herrera

    Coordinator Of Student Activities

    Anne Arundel Community College

"The Billies performed at Southside Virginia Community College on October 26 to rave reviews.  Our students were not only entertained but encouraged to perform along with this magnificent duo.  Many have stopped by my office to inquire when The Billies would be returning to our campus!  I highly recommend this group.  The time flew by!  Our students were not only left with an appreciation for the great talent this duo possesses, but with a feeling anything is possible if you are in the proper mindset!"

 - Robbie Washburn

    Student Activities Coordinator

    Southside Virginia Community College

"The Billies were an incredible duo to kick-off our Coffee House Series.  Chrisie and Craig bring fun, energy, and charisma to their music and performances.  They truly engaged the crowd and entertained song requests regardless of their nature.  I recommend them to anyone who wants to sway to their catchy tunes and have great laughs!  Thank you for coming to Chatham University!"

 - Ruben Henao

    Assistant Director of Student Activities

    Chatham University

"Where do I start off first!  You guys were very friendly when coming to the school and open to any ideas or discussions that the students had.  Also you guys openly asked for performers and any songs to preform.  What an amazing job you guys did and we hope to have ya'll back next year!"

 - Matthew Tregoning

    Student Activities Assistant

    Southside Virginia Community College

“It was great to have The Billies at Western Carolina University.  Their show was a part of our annual Summer Concert Series on the outdoor lawn.  Although the shows for the Summer Concert Series are primarily for the community because most of the students are gone during the summer, we’ve had large audiences this year of students, community members, and students studying in Cullowhee from Jamaica.  The Billies were a great addition to the lineup because their style of music is a little different than the others’.  I loved how The Billies incorporated different methods of percussion and how their songs varied in themes.  The highlight of The Billies show for me was when Chrisie asked the group of Jamaican students to come on stage and sing their coveted Bob Marley “One Love” song. The Billies provided the background music as the group of students sang in perfect harmony!  Although the evening was interrupted by the change of location due to the rain, the group brought fun and rock to WCU in great ways.  It was a perfect night for good music, and great fun.”

 - Lori Davis

    Cultural Director

    Western Carolina University

"Thank you both so much for coming out to MC our talent night!  You both are fantastic musicians and great people.  I thoroughly enjoyed our conversations and am anxious to try new things next semester.  This was our most successful talent night in terms of student participation and attendance.  You really helped keep things fun and moving!  I do apologize to you for not scheduling you more time to perform!  It was certainly not intentional and all part of my learning process.  Your understanding and ability to go with the flow was so greatly appreciated!'

 - Anne

   Graduate Assistant

   Student Activities Programs Office

   University of Connecticut


"The Billies were very easy going and great to work with.  They did an excellent show and our students enjoyed the performance!"

 - Bryan O'Connor

    Assistant Director of Student Activities

    SUNY Canton

"Chrisie and Craig came to my campus and blew us away.  From the videos I saw before booking them, I was impressed.  But once they were on stage I could not believe the vocals coming from Chrisie or the extraordinary talents that Craig possesses.  Perhaps my favorite aspect of them coming was the friendship we acquired before the show.  They are amazing people and a blast to just talk to. They also performed a workshop that people loved.  One student told me before the workshop that he did not want to waste his time; after I convinced him to just check it out, he told me that it was one of the best experiences in his life.  Bravo Billies, Bravo."

- Kyle J. Hall

   Student Activities President

   Gulf Coast Community College

   Panama City , FL

"Thanks for a great show last night!"

- Robert E. Kulpa, Jr, cDEd

   Director of Student Life

   Wheeling Jesuit University



"You guys have fans at PSUGA!!  Thank you so much for everything!  Lets stay in touch and plan for next year!"

​- Erin O'Malley

   Penn State University, Greater Allegheny

   Student Activities Director

"Thanks so much for coming; you guys were great and everyone had a great time!"

- Chloe Spear

   SGA President

   Skidmore College


"Looks can be deceiving.  What happens when you mix a tiny dynamo with a voice for the ages with a percussion background that is "not too much, not to little, just the right mixture?"  YOU GET THE BILLIES.  The two C's (Chrisie and Craig) give you music from beginning to end.  They don't stop.  They grow on you.  EXPERIENCE them. You will not be disappointed."


- Dane Wested

   Director of Student Life

   Berkshire Community College


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